pira pacu 9kg phuket fishing park

Mick England – 9kg Pira Pacu

Mick is from England who hasn't caught a Pira Pacu before. He caught a 9kg Pira Pacu at Phuket Fishing Park. Well done from us! "Great !!!! The one I wanted, Never caught pacu before !!!" Mick
phuket fishing park new lake

Phuket Fishing Park – New Lake

Phuket Fishing Park's New lake The new Phuket Fishing Park lake is open and its proving more popular. It's much bigger in size measuring almost double the size of the old lake. Whats more its surrounded with beautiful scenery. Located in the quiet Thai countryside, often overlooked in Phuket and it is home to the biggest fish in Phuket. The new lake hosts more than a dozen different species including Carp, Catfish among many coming from America, Thailand and other parts of the globe. The variety of fish is matched with a peaceful atmosphere, with new lake side huts you can use for rain and shade protection. Fish you can catch at the new lake include; Siamese Carp, Amazon, Aligator Gar, Redtail Catfish and several more. You can also see water buffalos in the adjacent farm. With plenty of parking, you are sure to enjoy a day out in Phuket Fishing Park. We have new helpful Thai staff for assisting you with fishing equipment. Both beginners and skilled fishermen will enjoy having a go at catching the monster fish in this lake. Phuket Fishing Parks now has new toilet facilities and the new restaurant is nearing completion. NOTE: We are not associated with the old lake or its new owner. We have moved everything from the old lake, that includes moving all the fish. We are not associated with the landlord who we have heard is running the lake. We were forced to move from this location after an extreme rise in the lease rental.
Phuket Fishing Park - Large Pira Pacu

Large Pira Pacu

Great day out Sunday 15th Oct at Phuket Fishing Parks new lake.
Phuket Fishing Park - Platon Russia Pacu Pira

Platon 7 yrs Khabarovsk Russia Pira Pacu

Platon 7 years old and father From Khabarovsk Russia caught a Pira Pacu 7 kg comment : "The fish looked that good l  wish l could eat them. Never fished before so we taught him how to fish in a 2 hour period"
Phuket Fishing Park - Russian Kids

Russian kids catch a 7kg Pira Pacu

Kids from russia caught a 7kg Pira Pacu. They had so much fun, they dont want to leave !!!