32kg siamese carp phuket fishing park

Daniel Costello England – 32kg Siamese Carp

Daniel Costello is from England and caught himself a 32kg Siamese Carp at Phuket Fishing Park. Daniel's comment: "Wow amazing fishing, that good at the end of the day. Booked in again in 3 days time!!!!"
33kg siamese carp fishing in phuket

Artem 11 yrs Russia – 33kg Carp Phuket

Artem an 11 year old boy from Russia landed the catch of his life, a massive 33kg Siamese Carp at Phuket Fishing Park. He was on holiday in Phuket from St Petersburg Russia. Well done from us! "wow what a fish, it weights more than me!!!" Artem
34kg carp caught in thailand

Andrey Kopustin – 34kg Siamese Carp

Andrey Kopustin from Moscow Russia. Age: 43. Caught a 34kg Siamese Carp at Phuket Fishing Park. Andrey's comment: "Wow biggest freshwater fish l have ever caught!!!"
big carp fishing thailand senior fishermen

Pair of Siamese Carp Caught by Senior Couple

David and Valery from England. Both in their 80s. Comment: "A double hook up to end a brilliant day of fishing... Amazing Fishing!!!"
large carp german phuket thailand

Germans land another large carp

Some experienced German fishermen visited Phuket Thailand in Janury 2018. They have been fishing all over the world and caught some of the biggest carp in Thailand.

34kg Siamese carp landed Phuket Thailand

German fisherman has fished all over the world and landed this 34kg Siamese Carp. It took over an hour to reel this monster carp in. Good catch definitely 1 to be remembered.