Martin Sydney 23kg Siamese Carp Thailand

Martin Sydney – 23 kg Siamese Carp

Martin lives in Sydney but originally from Manchester, England. Siamese Carp. Comment: "Biggest carp l have ever landed"
Phuket Fishing Park - Thomas Austria 16kg Siamese Carp

Thomas Austria – 16kg Siamese Carp

Thomas  from Austria. Age : 37.Siamese Carp 16kgs. Caught on 6 pd line. Customer Comment: Wow what a days fishing, Wow, great experience
Phuket Fishing Park - Luke Mann Siamese Carp

Luke Mann England – 22kg Siamese Carp

Luke Mann from England. Siamese Carp. Comment : "Biggest fish l have ever caught,it must of ran 50 yards across the lake !!!!"
Phuket Fishing Park - Tony Chris

Tony and Chris – Siamese Carp

Tony 11 years old and Chris is 7 years old. They are thai local kids that love the fishing so much they have been coming EVERY week on Sunday for the past two years Last week they caught a Siamese carp weighing in at 14kg  
Phuket Fishing Park - Lev Moscow 24kg Siamese Carp

Lev from Moscow – 24kg Siamese Carp

Lev from Moscow Russia. Aged 7. Was his birthday today, happy bithday from Phuket Fishing Parks. Siamese Carp 24kg. Customer Comment: 1st time l have ever fished !!!!